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Ready to sell your bottle(s)?

Please fill out the form below or send us a note to to initiate a Sales Request. We review your items for sale and get back to you within the same business day

Please be sure to consult our inspection guidelines for details on acceptable bottle and content conditions.

You should receive an email notification to the address you provided on the form, confirming we received your request. It is important that you check your email; we'd hate to lose the opportunity to earn your business because of a typo in your email address, or an unlikely glitch in our form submission system!  

Important Note:

Email is the quickest way to get a response from us.   

Please note that we respond to EVERY request, even if it is not something we are interested in purchasing.  

In the unlikely event you haven’t heard back from us within 1 business day, send us a note at, or give us a call at 650.394.5776

Search our Bottle Database

Think you're selling an unusual bottle? Search our bottle database! You can search our list below for anything we acquire...

Important note: even if you don't find your wine or spirit in the list, send us a note as we may still have a market for it!


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