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A Color Guide to Dom Perignon

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

As you can imagine, at Epic Cellars we have handled our fair share of bottles of Dom Perignon. Name a vintage, a special edition; we've had it in our hands! Whether you're looking to enjoy or sell your bottle(s) of Dom, check out the color guide we put together to help you determine the condition of this amazing Champagne.

The younger a Champagne, the lighter, closer to a pale yellow its color will be. As Champagne gets older it may become darker, acquiring more of an amber tint... When a Champagne turns bad, it will often become the color of iced tea and may also develop a haze or cloudiness which can easily be spotted when holding the bottle against a source of light (natural light is best).

A. Acceptable Colors and fill levels

The images below show acceptable colors in Champagnes that have not turned

Acceptable Dom Perignon Color Grades
Acceptable Dom Perignon Color grades

B. Unacceptable Colors and fill levels

The images below show unacceptable changes in color (image 1) as well as a fill level and transparency below what most brokers would accept (image 2).

Dom Perignon - unacceptable color
Image 1: unacceptable color

Dom Perignon - unacceptable transparency, color, and fill level
Image 2: Unacceptable transparency, color, and fill level

At Epic Cellars, we buy your single bottle of Dom Perignon as well as large collections of it! Please check out the list of all the wines, champagnes, and spirits we buy here!



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