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Selling your Dom? Here's how to take good pics of it

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Dom Perignon color guide
dom perignon bottles

Why do we need to look at pics of your bottle(s) of Dom, you might ask; we like to gauge the color, fill level and condition of the Champagne before we make you an offer.

If we had a buck for every bad picture of Dom Perignon we've been sent by our well-meaning sellers since we started buying it, we'd be millionaires (or we'd be sitting atop a mountain of antlers, depending on your interpretation of the word "buck"... moving on).

More importantly, when a seller sends us bad pictures of their Dom, our staff get eye damage just by looking at them...

When our staff get eye damage, they take sick leave...

When the staff take sick leave, we're understaffed...

When we're understaffed, we get stressed...

When we're stressed, we start to yell at each other...

When we yell at each other we end up throwing bottles from our stock at each other.

See how quickly things escalate?

Please... help us by taking good pics of your Dom! Here's how to do it!



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