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Time to Show Dad Some Love

Father’s Day is on June 20th this year so we thought we’d throw some gift ideas your way. We do not receive a portion of the sales, we just like sharing cool stuff with cool people for their cool dads!

Call Me Old Fashioned Personalized Whiskey Stones Gift Set

You can’t miss with this choice, especially if you Dad likes bourbon and old fashions. Or if your dad likes bourbon and IS old-fashioned. You can pick it up at WoodMunkey's Esty shop for $49! Check out similar items in the store to see some fun personalization for Father's Day

Reclaimed Barrel Wood Coasters

Is mom always scolding dad for setting his glass down anywhere and leaving marks on her new coffee table? You can make them both happy with these coasters made from reclaimed barrel wood. You can pick them up in sets of 2 – 8 for $19.99 - $49.99

Bourbon Smoking Chips

Oh, your dad likes Blanton’s but you can’t find a bottle? That’s OK, it’s the thought that counts and this thought will cost a lot less than the bottle. How about a bag of Blanton’s Barrel Smoking Chips? At only $18 per bag – maybe pick up a couple!

Bluetooth Decanter

If your dad’s a wine enthusiast he already knows that nice wine should be decanted, it helps bring out the best flavor. Trouble is, decanting takes time. Your dad is busy, he doesn’t have time to decant wine. As a matter of fact, ain’t nobody got time for that! You know what else your dad likes? Music with his wine, that’s what. For $149 you can pick up the WAKE UP WINE™ Pro S: Electronic Decanter and he can have his wine and music too!

Speaking of Aeration

How about a pair of really gorgeous aerating wine glasses? We like this pair and you’re in luck, they’re currently on sale for less than $22! If that leaves you with a little left over in your budget, maybe you could add in this aerator for $45.

Personalized Wine Table

The perfect compact wine table and serving tray. Perfect for a party of two, so you can pair his love of wine & cheese with your love of him. I feel like there’s a dad joke in there somewhere. You can pick one up for $53 on Etsy.



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