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3rd Annual Epic Gift Guide

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a whole thing going on with the supply system and if you want to make sure you can get your gifts on time you should have started in March of last year. Maybe not March but if you’re reading this, you’re late and we’re just here to help. What you see below is a collection of things that we think are pretty cool, there’s no financial benefit to us, heck, they don’t even know who we are.

The Bourbon Lover

Bourbon Bucket List Scratch Off

What is more satisfying than a Bourbon Bucket List Scratch Off. It’s the checkmark on the best to-do list ever! You can pick one up here for less than $30 from a Star Seller on Etsy! They have a whiskey version as well. AND, it’s suitable for framing for your home bar! Or, you know, the formal dining room.

Custom Pour Line Whiskey Glass

For less than $20 you can get a customized pour glass. Might even help you get a read on how their day went and they’ll think of you every time they get the single pour line.

Ice Wedge

Not to be confused with a wedge salad, or a wedgie, this is a Corkcicle Double Old Fashioned Glass with a silicone ice form. As one reviewer says, it’s fun and functional at the same time! Many others say they bought them as gifts but ended up keeping them for themselves or buying a pair for of their own. As another said, So Cool, So Fancy and it’s just $25!

Stocking Stuffer

The Whiskey Lip Repair for less than $6! They have other flavors as well and one viewer said the person they gave it to loved it so much they bought some for themselves!

The Wine Lover


Cornhole not your game? Try your hand at Cork-It! It’s a more refined version of the classic game that you can pick up for less than $35 dollars! Plus you don’t have to leave you seat at the table, go out to the garage and pretend to like beer. Fun Fact, the original game got its name because the bags thrown at the board were full of corn, not beans.

Single Bottle Wine Bottle Tray

We think this is the perfect way to serve crackers and cheese than this! Tons of options for labels and edges, even drain holes, starting at $15 from another Star Seller! Of course there are plenty of bottles to choose from.

Folding Wine Tray

We’ve featured folding trays before and we’ve bought them ourselves, but this design is next level if you ask us. We might just have to pick up one of these ourselves. They’re $66 and super sleek. Picnic blanket not included.

Corkscrew for older bottles

If you’re looking for more of a splurge and you know someone who has older bottles in their cellar, this would be the best gift they get all season. It’s called The Durand and is able to pull older and fragile corks undamaged.

Stocking Stuffer

Wine Flavored Lip Scrub

You can pick up this tasty treat for the lips at the badgerfacebeauty Esty Shop for less than $5! Of course there are other flavors available.

The Champagne Lover

Veuve Thermal Jacket

Ohhhhh, fancy! A Limited Edition Collectable Veuve Clicquot Champagne Thermal Zipper Bottle Jacket. They 'll arrive to the New Year's Eve party in style with their jacketed champagne.

Custom Champagne Stopper

Not only a great holiday gift, but a great wedding gift too! You can personalize the custom stopper with your own message, logo or even handwriting. Pretty awesome for $32!

Champagne Sabre

By far the most expensive gift on our list, but also the coolest. The Sommelier’s Sabre is available for $189 and can be customized as well! If you’ve never seen one in action, here’s what it looks like flawlessly executed and what it looks like when it’s not flawless. Here’s what it looks like when the Slo Mo Guys give it a go at the 4:27 second mark.

For the dog lover

Hair of the Dog Glasses

AKA Hooch by the Pooch! These classes with sketches of dogs and a cocktail recipe on each one! You can find them on Uncommon Goods for $48.00! If tumblers are more your style, check out these Bad Dog Tumblers at $35.00! Evidently they’re inspired by some of our dogs.

Haute Diggity Dog Indeed!

Can’t afford the real thing? Maybe they’ll get a kick out of their best having a squeaky parody? You could go for the Cavalier Sauvignon Na’Paw Valley, the Johnnie Dogwalker Ruff Label, or the Woof Clicquot Rosé. All of them $16 or less!

A Small Stopper with Big Impact

How about a bottle stopper for $15. Plus just that small purchase feeds 35 shelter animals! You can choose Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever. The site is part of GreaterGood. Their efforts focus on protecting people, pets and the planet.



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