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When in Town,Eat like a Louisville Local

Planning your visit to Louisville for the 2024 PGA? We’ll let you in on a few little secrets if you’re looking for places to eat. Here’s a rundown of places we like and recommend!


Jack Fry’s – maybe a little pricey but fun atmostphere and so worth it. You MUST make a reservation. In fact, we’d hurry if we were you! It’s a long time local staple filled with old black & white photos! Go for the bourbon braised short ribs, or the pork chop.

Louisville is literally famous for the Hot Brown. There’s no better place to experience one than its birthplace, the Brown Hotel. Please be sure to make a reservation! Also, make sure to have an Old Fashioned while you’re at it. You won’t regret it.


If you’re feeling a little Cajun, yet also a little Sicilian, but also a little surfe n’ turfy, you’ve got to go to Selena’s Willow Lake Tavern in Anchorage, again, best to have a reservation here too. We recommend the crawfished po’boy, stuffed shrimp, and the crab rolls. Locals also swear by the meatballs as an appetizer and the steak as an entree. They have a fantastic brunch as well.


Royals Hot Chicken is another local legend. They specialize in endorphin-ringing heat. To balance out the heat, make sure to order a milkshake, specifically the Please & Thank You chocolate Chip Cookie Shake.


Try the lima beans at the Mayan Gypsy. When has anyone ever recommended the lima beans? Like, never? Do not miss them here! The chef is kind enough to share the recipe, but somehow, they never taste quite as good!



Feeling Fishy?


Let’s start with The Fish House, where we recommend the Scrod Dinner and the Hushpuppies. Please don’t leave without some Beignets, the FOMO would haunt you for days. It’s one of our very best hole-in-the-walls.


Captain’s Quarter’s, Lousiville’s favorite summertime on the river spot. Hang out by the river and sip on a Kentucky Lemonade while you admire the boats. There’s been a watering hole at this location going back 175 years. Back in the early 1800s it offered overnight lodging as well.


A place with deep roots in Louisville is Cunningham’s. Going all the way back to 1870, it famously burned to the ground in 2001. Much to the relief of the locals, they rebuilt and reopened in another historic location in 2003.  Known for its large menu and reasonable prices. While the menu is varied, we go with the fish every time.



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