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4th Annual Epic Holiday Giving Guide

It’s that time of year again when everything is merry and bright. Here’s our 2022 EPIC list of gifts for every wine, bourbon, and champagne lover in your life. Oh, and you don’t even have to go to a store to get them! Bonus!

Our disclaimer is that we do not receive any compensation for mentioning or linking to the gifts. It’s just some cool people sharing cool things with other cool people!

Shop on!

For the wine lover

Have you seen the Personal Wine Chiller? Genius! Solves 2 problems at once; where should I put my glass and is the wine the perfect temperature? We recommend the VoChill Personal Wine Chiller for just under $50. Available in singles or pairs - two styles and three colors!

Another approach to the wine temperature problem in the Host Wine Freeze Cup. Freeze the cups in advance and BAM! Perfectly chilled wine! Sold in pairs for $22.00, six colors. We prefer the Tiffany Blue one in case you were wondering.

If you’re a wine drinker, you simply must have a good bottle stopper. We like these personalized wooden cork stoppers! There are eight styles to choose from for just $6.99 each!!!. 40,517 buyers on Etsy gave them a 5-star rating!

For the bourbon lover

Celebrate your win over your golf buddies with some nice bourbon on the rocks! This is a brilliant take on the rocks glass! Two great things that go great together! You can grab a pair for $35.00! It’s a bourbon guy's hole in one!

Need a last detail for the Man Cave? You can’t go wrong with of these babies!

Maybe a little something to take the bar to the next level?

Personalized glasses would do the trick in style! Partial, you ask? Why yes, we are. You can find them here.

How about some Gummy Bears for grown-ups? Check out these infused Van Winkle Bears? Available in 4 oz and 8 oz bags starting at $12.00. Great stocking stuffers!

If you are a bourbon drinker, you might as well just own it with a May Contain Bourbon t-shirt starting at $12.00. Available in a plethora of colors and sizes to fit everyone. Over 5,000 5-star reviews on Etsy. That’s a lot of people who may contain bourbon!

For the Champagne lover

Do you know someone who likes to toast on the go? How about this sleek Champagne Skinny Tumbler? available in 20- and 30- ounce sizes starting at $25.50. One reviewer says it’s actually better in person that it is in the picture!

Do you think your champagne-loving friend ever has an urgent need for toasting? If so, they’ll love this fully operational champagne bell at $44.50 Butler sold separately.

If you’re drinking champagne, you’re already feeling fancy, but why not fancy it up a little more? These handmade linen cocktail napkins out to do the trick. Pinkies up!

While your sourcing champagne related kitchen linens, check out this Champagne tea towel for $21. They come in four colors, we’ve got our eye on the white one! These are made in the UK, so make sure to order soon!



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