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Bourbon Tourism goes to infinity and beyond!

Bourbon Tourism goes to infinity and beyond! Not really, but something like that! In January 2024, the Lexington, KY Convention and Visitors Bureau took their tourism campaign to the next level, the extraterrestrial one.


With the help of experts in science, engineering, linguistics, digital media, philosophy and science fiction, they crafted a message and beamed it toward planets in the TRAPPIST-1 solar system, which is 40 light years away.


The message included, among other things, the molecular structure for water and bourbon. The message also describes the area’s rolling hills and horse farms. Suggestions are made as to where the ETs might stay, eat and shop.


The team built a fun guide for the aliens as they plan their visit, saying, ‘A word of caution: Bourbon is kind of an acquired taste. You might love it, or it might liquify your entire body like salt on a slug. We honestly have no idea.’

Check out this fun project here.


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