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Change in Your Pocket to Changing the World – Why People Sell their Cherished Bottles

People often wonder what motivates others to sell their collection or a prized bottle. There are almost as many answers as there are people out there selling. We get to have an inside peek at all these reasons if we’re lucky enough that someone shares their story.

First of all, the more common reasons for selling are someone has inherited a collection that they’re not knowledgeable about and are not interested in collecting. Sometimes there is a health issue and they can no longer enjoy their collection.

We hear from lots of men who are interested in selling bourbon because they’ve just found out they’re going to be a daddy and need to start collecting more practical items like baby furniture and diapers, or starting a college fund. Actually there was quite a spike in that particular reason for selling late in 2020. But that might be a topic for a whole different post!

Some reasons break our hearts, like needing funds to care for sick loved ones or to buy Christmas presents for their grandchildren. Bottles saved for special occasions that for whatever reason won’t be celebrated.

Some reasons bring us big smiles and full hearts. Like a seller who had dedicated his life to law enforcement and donated his proceeds to an organization that supports K-9 Officers and training for K-9. Another donated to a local program that provides scholarships to underprivileged children. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society received a donation from one of our sellers and the seller’s employer matched the donation! Another supported the Ocean Reef Community Foundation. Open Field, which improves the lives and futures of youth through sport received donations from one of our generous sellers as well.

One gentleman sold a bottle to fund a surprise anniversary trip for his wife, an office favorite! We’ve heard from several men over the years who were using proceeds to put a ring on it, as Beyoncé would say.

As you can see, the reasons for selling are individual and personal. We’re thrilled to be able to be a small part of helping our customers change the world, change their own lives or put some change in their pockets.

Next time you sell us a bottle, don’t forget to tell us your story! We know every bottle has one and we love hearing those stories!



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