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Epic Cellars Annual Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

This year we thought we'd take a look at what our data tells us about what our sellers are buying, gifting, drinking, selling. So here are a few ideas based on the bottles we bought the most of during 2020.

For the Dom Perignon Lover:

We think this Dom Perignon Collection Motivational Canvas from the CanuasExperts Etsy shop is both motivational AND gorgeous! Available in six different sizes and a few framing options as well! Pricing starts at $39.99.

If you Dom loving friend has a furry sidekick, they can get in on the fun too! Carter + Main has these adorable Dog Perignon Champagne Toy for $12.95. Awwww, such a good boy!

Since it’s 2020, we can’t overlook this quarantine craze – the puzzle. Everyone’s doing it, right? Well here’s someone who’s REALLY doing it right! Dom Perignon Champagne Bottle Laser Engraved Clear Transparent Maze Puzzle that you’ll find on Etsy for $50!


For the Macallan Lover:

Gourmet Dark Chocolate Macallan Scotch Whiskey Truffles? Why yes, we’d love some! You’ll find them for less than $35 at Our mouths are watering!

You know, Macallan would pair really well with an Ugly Christmas Sweater, and this one would probably totally win! It comes in kid sizes too, although we're not sure why.

For the Pappy Lover:

Well, since you may not be able to obtain a Pappy

23 to gift, how about this tiny handblown Pappy 23 Year ornament from Huckberry for $28? If you really love them, you’ll add on this Meatball Sandwich ornament to go with it!

Now sometimes a Pappy fan might also enjoy a cigar. Bonus points if it’s a Pappy cigar! Well, here’s the gift for them. A whiskey glass with a built in cigar holder! It’s made by corkcicle, so quality design and materials, it has a 4.8-star rating from 1,423 happy customers. You can pick it up on Amazon for under $25!

If your Pappy fan also appreciates art, we like this family portrait by EmilyMercedesArt on Etsy. Prices start at $35 and there are 4 sizes to choose from.


For the Opus One lover:

How about an Opus One coat rack? Or this adorable pet feeder? Both are available on Etsy. Or, gift them a bottle of Opus One, but make them work for it! Here’s a puzzle they have to solve before they can even open their bottle!

How about paying homage to the classic Christmas movie and give them the Christmas Story Leg Lamp bottle stopper! You’ll find them at Target in stores and online, but it looks like these suckers are selling fast!

For the Silver Oak lover:

We love this trifecta of a painting - Silver Oak, Opus One, and Caymus. You'll find it on Etsy, of course, by SherisArtStudio. It's available in three different sizes beginning at $39! The artist has several other Silver Oak paintings, along with other California Cult wine.

Who doesn't love a valet tray? We do and we really like this one made from a Silver Oak wine crate. Check out this artist's alpinewinedesign shop. Everything from marshmallow roasting sticks, guitar racks to wine barrel bar sinks and coffee tables. The craftsmanship is amazing!

Ever wonder what we here at Epic give our favorite wine lovers? Well, it's the humble Cork Pops. We use 'em, we love 'em, we've put them through rigorous testing. Plus, you can gift the Cork Pop and a box of refill cartridges for less than $30.



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