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Pappy 15 Year, the Santa Edition

Twas a night in November not too long ago

Pappy being delivered through sun, rain, and snow

With bated breath, the devoted fans waited

The smell of Pappy so close, they salivated

All over the country vendors hung their signs low

When the shoppers arrived, there was something off, though

Because what to their wondering eyes did appear

So shocking that they clutched their pearls near?

They rubbed their eyes and they shook their heads

But all they could see were capsules in red

There were whispers, and screams and cries of ‘it’s FAKE!’

An uproar so loud it kept Buffalo Trace bigwigs awake!

An announcement was read,

We’re terribly sorry, it’s said

This Pappy 15 Year is authentic!

The capsule color merely cosmetic!

It’s nothing more than a simple mistake!

Now please, give the elves on Line L a break!

And that bourbon boys and girls who have listened

Is the story of Pappy 15 Year – the Santa Edition!



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