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Should I Drink or Sell

wine bottles
Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

At the beginning of a new year, we’re thinking about resolutions and organizing things, and dreaming big about what we’ll accomplish during the year. Don’t forget your wine collection when doing all that planning.

What are your long-range plans for your collection? Do you have a lot of special occasion bottles that are tucked away waiting for their day to shine? Do you pull a few bottles out share with friends and family? If you like to share, it’s a good idea to review your collection, especially for bottles that are nearing the end of their drinking window.

If you use an app to manage your collection, it may provide those details for you. For instance, CellarTracker which we reviewed here, offers a Ready to Drink Report that will easily surface that data.

If you do not use an app, there are a few good resources that can help you determine what you should serve in the coming year or you may want to sell the bottles that are aging out of your cellar. WineEnthusiast publishes an annual Wine Vintage Chart, like this 2020 edition. It’s color-coded and easy to use. They’re careful to point out that it’s a guide and there are always exceptions in the wine world, but it offers some solid guidance that will help you plan how you’ll drink your wine during 2021 and how you’ll determine the fate of bottles that fall into the Can Drink and In Decline categories.

Once you’ve sorted through your bottles and determined which ones you need to focus on, you might find that you just have too many bottles of Margaux or Lafite and you can’t drink it fast enough. Especially during this socially distanced time, you may not be planning as many dinner parties where you might share it with friends.

If that’s the case, our process is just four simple steps and you could get a quote right away by filling out this form and telling us about your collection and the bottles you’re interested in liquidating. We are the only 5-star rated buyer in the industry and we’d be happy to provide a quote and show you why people rate us so highly.



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