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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Looking for a little something for your valentine in the wine or bourbon category? Or maybe you’re looking for just the right thing to drop a hint about? Either way, we’ve got you. Check out these fun gifts we found for just this occasion!

Moleskine Passion Journal - Wine

Moleskine Passion Journal - Wine:

Full disclosure, this is coming from someone with a straight-up Moleskine problem, but this journal is perfect for the wine lover. It’s divided into sections by wine type as well as a single category for spirits.

Drilling down, you’ll find pages with room for everything you might want to take note of. Beyond the basics of Wine and Vintage, you’re prompted to take note of things like appearance, nose and taste. Room for taking your own notes and rating. It also comes with some fun stickers, and I’ll refer you back to the disclosure statement above.

You’ll find it on Amazon for under $30! It only comes in burgundy, obviously!

Outdoor Wine Table:

Outdoor wine picnic table

Do you know what comes after Valentines Day? Spring, eventually! It’ll be here before you know it and wouldn’t it be nice to have a little vintage picnic with your love? Check out this Outdoor Wine Table on UncommonGoods, and you’ll be picnicking in your backyard in no time!

It’s collapsible and when ready to use, you just stake it in the ground, add a couple of relaxing chairs, a bottle of wine and some nibbles.

Reviewers give it 4.8 stars and you can pick one up for $58!

Stainless Steel Wine Temperature Bracelet Thermometer:

Super simple, super useful, super affordable and super portable for your super wine guy or gal. Just place it on the bottle and it will display the temperature of the bottle as well as the suggested ranges for various wine.

This one is $14 at Vinepair. You can find very similar bracelet thermometers on Amazon but make sure to take note of whether the temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit or celsius.

Bonus DIY idea:

Check out this video to learn how to make your own wine lollipops! Make sure to have fun molds on hand, like hearts or kissy lips!

Scratch off Bourbon poster:

Scratch-off bourbon poster

Remember back before 2020 when we had maps that you could scratch off countries you visited or states you'd been to? Well, we’d like to recommend this Scratch-Off Poster on Etsy. Who knows when we’ll get back to our scratch-off travel poster, but feel like we could make some good progress scratching off these babies if social distancing doesn’t end soon!

It’s under $30 and carries a solid 5-star review! Excuse us while we locate some change so we can start scratching off!!!

blantons bourbon tshirt

Call me Old Fashioned:

Every now and then we see a shirt that cracks us up and this is one of them! Blanton’s Bourbon Call Me Old Fashioned t-shirt! You can pick one up at the BlantonsBourbonShop on Etsy for $28. Available in men’s sizes S – 3X.

Bonus points, it comes from Kentucky too!

Cocktail Smoker:

bourbon cocktail smoker

This all seems pretty fancy to me and like maybe you should be James Bond to have one, but a cocktail smoker would be really fun to have around! There are several different options on Amazon, but we like this one by Gramercy Kitchen for $59.97.

Seems like there might lend itself nicely to the occasional Valentine's Day pun. Wood chips are included. Sorry folks, velvet smoking jacket not included.

BruMate NOS’R:

Have you noticed that there’s a stainless steel double-walled glass for everything? Do you know why that is? Because they’re awesome, that’s why! So now we give you the BruMate NOS’R. Always a solid product, these nosing glasses come in matte black and walnut and are available on Amazon for $25!

As you would expect from BruMate, it has a 4.7-star rating.

For you champagne lovers, or fans of a good time, we’ll leave you with the Bubbly Blaster, as seen on Shark Tank. It’s $99.99 and comes in five colors with add on accessories, like a video mount, which is a must-have for $10! You can see it in action here. Beachfront views not included.

* Epic Cellars does not receive a portion of the profits from our endorsements,

we just like sharing cool stuff we find. Cheers and happy hunting!



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