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When you pair wine and technology

Dom Perignon

Searching for your new daily drinker? We ran across a new search engine, still in beta called Pix. It aims to be the matchmaker between the wine curious and great wines that could become a new daily favorite.

It’s a great way to learn about wine since results are paired with great articles offering some background on the wine or region. For example, a search for Dom Perignon returned an article with some really interesting detail about how champagne should be stored, and for how long, quoting the head of the Champagne Bureau in Washington D.C.

Each article ends with five bottles to try. The bottles the resulted in my Dom Perignon search ranged in price from $44.00 to $210.00. Each has tasting notes and a link to the store offering at that price.

Pix is what happens when wine lovers and technologists come together and use their powers for good! It’s a wonderful discovery tool and easy to read, interesting information on the wines you love!


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